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If you are looking for a reliable window cleaner in Abergavenny, get in touch with The Window Gleamers. Whether you require conservatory roof cleaning or guttering cleared, our team is on hand to provide an extremely detailed and punctual service. We use pure water and a refined water-fed pole technique – along with the option of traditional cleaning methods – to ensure that every crevice is left completely spotless. Available for both domestic and commercial properties, we avoid working with chemicals and always use biodegradable products whenever we can. You can trust us to provide the exact domestic and commercial window cleaner service that your property needs.

So, if you are looking for a window cleaner in Abergavenny, don’t hesitate to get in touch with The Window Gleamers for a reliable service.







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Latest In Eco-Friendly Technology

Water-Fed Pole Cleaning

Using the purest of water to achieve the highest possible levels of cleaning, our water-fed pole system uses pure water that is worked and brushed over the entire window, removing the most stubborn marks and then rinsed again to leave a flawless finish. This approach is highly efficient and is produced to the best possible standards. The water-fed pole method removes the need for ladders and can access difficult areas much more easily, alongside giving you privacy in your property as we clean your windows.

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Traditional Window Cleaning

In some cases, the traditional window cleaning method remains the best way to clean your home’s windows. Using a squeegee, our domestic window cleaner service never misses a spot, using one’s own hands to personally get into every corner and crevice until every area is impeccable. You can trust us to supply a domestic and commercial window cleaner service that is extremely thorough; we will not leave your property until we are satisfied that every area has been given the same level of intricate cleaning.

gutter clearing in Abergavenny

Guttering Debris Removal and Clearance

Keeping your guttering in good condition is crucial for protecting the rest of your property’s interior. Leaves, debris and dirt can build up over time, causing blocked or leaking gutters which prevent the flow of water away from your building, potentially leading to further problems. You can count on us to get your guttering cleared, eliminating algae growth and leaving a long-lasting impact without having the abrasive impact that comes with high powered jet washing.

We emphatically remove debris and sediment blockages with a specialised gutter vacuum. Using the latest 3,600-watt gutter cleaning vacuums and inspection cameras to completely clear debris, however bad it might be, all from the safety of the ground. We can work around obstacles that often arise with the use of ladders.


Fascia, Soffit Board and Guttering Cleaning

Need a professional window cleaner in Abergavenny to get the dirt, mould and mildew cleaned off your fascia and soffit board outside your gutters? If so, The Window Gleamers are here to help. The facias, soffit and guttering will be cleaned using a soft washing technique together with specialist brushes on our water fed pole. This method is the most effective form of cleaning whilst also avoiding any damage to your property’s PVC.

Conservatory Window and Roof Cleaning

Staying on top of cleaning conservatory windows and keeping your roof cleaned can be an extremely tiresome process. So, why not call on our window cleaner in Abergavenny instead? We can clean the external glass of your conservatory at specified intervals or as a one-off domestic window cleaner service. Our team can either use traditional methods or a refined water-fed pole system to easily get access to every corner of your conservatory roof. Regular conservatory cleaning can help the structure maintain its original sheen for many years.


Caravan Cleaning

Looking to inject life into your caravan ahead of a holiday? If so, we offer a wide-ranging caravan cleaning service that incorporates exterior washing of all exterior surfaces using water fed pole and soft washing techniques to remove dirt and pure water to finish, producing a stunning final result.

sign cleaner in Abergavenny

Sign Cleaning

Are you a business owner whose shopfront sign has, over the years, steadily accumulated dirt and mould? Why not get in touch with our window cleaner in Abergavenny, who will use carefully executed soft washing and water-fed pole technology to remove all aspects of dirt without harming the original paintwork and lettering of the sign. You will be stunned at the difference that our commercial window cleaner service will make to your property.




The Window Gleamers are domestic and commercial window cleaners who cater for the following properties:


  • Private homes
  • Offices (internal and external windows)
  • Residential blocks
  • Restaurants and takeaway shops
  • Other commercial and industrial premises


Need a top-quality window cleaner in Abergavenny? If so, get in touch with The Window Gleamers for interior and
exterior windows cleaning, guttering clearning, conservatory cleaning, and much more.