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Meeting Your Window Cleaning Needs

We are window cleaners in Abergavenny, Monmouthshire and Herefordshire who take pride in supplying a highly professional commercial and domestic window cleaner service. Whether you need guttering cleared, solar panels cleaned or conservatory roof cleaning, we are on hand to provide a service that is both punctual and delivered to an extremely high standard. Our team uses a professionally administered water-fed pole method. Using pure water, we place strong emphasis on an eco-friendly approach and can cater for private homes, large offices, residential blocks, and many other domestic and commercial properties in Abergavenny, Herefordshire and Monmouthshire.

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Water-Fed Pole Approach

In the interest of maintaining quality standards and being thorough in our work, we use a refined water-fed pole approach. This pole is exceptional for reaching higher structures and areas that are harder to reach with a squeegee, such as elevated roof windows. We know exactly what it takes to provide a water-fed pole domestic window cleaner service that protects PVC lining whilst also producing an immaculate finish.

Our water-fed pole approach works with water that is purified using the latest technology and to the highest levels, which removes every bit of accumulated dust and grime from glass panes without the use of any chemicals. Due to the ultra-pure state of the water, there are no solid particles present within the water, meaning that it can seamlessly connect with and remove all impurities on the glass surface. As a result, our water-fed pole approach – along with giving you more privacy in your home – produces a supremely smooth and clean finish, with the total removal of all dirt particles meaning that each window remains sparklingly clean for some time.








Caring for the Environment

We are window cleaners in Abergavenny, Herefordshire and Monmouthshire who do not believe in the use of harsh chemicals when it comes to cleaning. Pure water, combined with expert cleaning techniques and first-class equipment is usually sufficient to produce a dazzling finish. Our team always uses biodegradable products wherever viable and limits the use of plastic whenever possible. For eco-friendly solar panel cleaning services please visit our sister site 





Solar Panel Cleaning Specialists

Every solar array is unique and depending upon different environmental factors the recommended frequency of each clean varies. 

Special attention should be given to solar panels situated in dustier areas, for example, next to a main road, by the sea and on or near farmland etc. These solar panels will require more frequent cleaning as the dust build-up will be considerably more.

Bird faeces and lichen is also a huge problem. When solar panels remain dirty for long periods of time they suffer from modular shading, in addition to this, permanent module staining may also occur and the larger the array, the bigger the loss of return is for the owner! Please visit our sister site to find out more about solar panel cleaning in Herefordshire, Abergavenny and Monmouthshire.