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Welcome to The Window Gleamers. We are professional window cleaners in Abergavenny who provide a wide number of services to an impeccable standard. Catering for both domestic and commercial properties, from homes to shopfronts to signs, we use the latest water fed pole technology and water filtration systems to ensure that our service meets all window cleaning needs. Our team keeps every corner of your property’s windows in optimal condition as well as keeping your conservatory roof and guttering cleared.

Pure water is used during our window cleaning process and biodegradable products are used wherever possible.

If you are looking for a professional window cleaner in Abergavenny, Herefordshire and Monmouthshire that you can trust, get in touch with The Window Gleamers.

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We have the latest high-tech water purification systems to use with our water fed poles, producing an extremely pure grade of water for removing dirt effectively and efficiently. When coupled with our water fed pole and proficient techniques, we always achieve an optimal result.




Our Water-Fed Pole System

Our water-fed pole system uses pure water that, using the latest technology, has been filtered and purified through a four-stage reverse osmosis and deionising system. Local water in the Abergavenny area has a total dissolved solids (TDS) of around 55 parts per million (ppm), which is very soft water but nonetheless still contains dissolved minerals and particles that will cause streaking and attract dirt or dust if the water is left on the windows. After the water filtration process, the pure water used to clean your windows has a TDS of approx. 0.04 ppm. Dirt and grime on the windows are attracted to the pure water like a magnet and can then be removed effectively leaving a pristine shine.

The water-fed pole system is made effective by not just technique but also having the purest water possible to eliminate the dirt. We ensure that you receive spot-free windows with ultra-pure water. The pure water leaves no residue behind after cleaning, meaning that the dirt has nothing to stick to thus enhancing the quality of your clean.






 Domestic and Commercial Services


Window cleaner  in Abergavenny

Houses and Flats

We come to your home and, depending on your requirements, use pure water and a water-fed pole techniques to produce an immaculate finish. You can have peace of mind knowing that our team will never leave any blemishes or spots. 

Shopfronts and Offices

Keeping your shopfront or office in pristine condition is hugely important when it comes to maintaining a professional image. Our team is on hand to ensure that every corner and crevice is sparklingly clean, making the building look as if it were brand new.

Internal Window Cleaning

We are window cleaners in Abergavenny who know what it takes to clean both large and small surfaces. Our internal window cleaning service is emphatic, ensuring that both sides of your windows are cleaned with equal levels of precision and care. 


fascia and soffit in Abergavenny

Fascia and Soffit Board 

Is your facia and guttering looking tired, dirty and neglected? Transform the first appearance of your home or business with our thorough facia, soffit and guttering cleaning service. We can access even the most difficult to reach areas and you will be left totally astonished at how much of a difference our facia, soffit and guttering cleaning makes.

gutter clearance in Abergavenny

Guttering Debris Removal and Clearance

Using the very latest gutter vacuum technology where possible, or our ladder with stand-off and stabilisation system, we will safely remove all debris from your gutters and downpipes. Don’t keep putting it off – call The Window Gleamers to get your gutters completely cleaned.

conservatory cleaner in Abergavenny

Conservatory Roof Cleaning

We use the water-fed pole method correctly, the way it should be done, in order to clean conservatory roofs and velux windows that are otherwise impossible to reach,  to produce a comprehensive and first-class conservatory cleaning service.


Solar Panels

Our water-fed pole and pure water system uses only pure water and no harsh or abrasive chemicals. This makes them a great choice for keeping solar panels clean and operating at their optimal level. Cleaning is performed with a special soft-bristle brush that gently cleans the array. Once they are clean the arrays will produce more electricity, meaning that you get more for your investment.


We can clean cladding on the side of buildings, offices, residential blocks, etc. We use the water-fed pole and soft washing techniques to access hard-to-reach places ensuring a great chemical-free clean.

caravan cleaner in Abergavenny


Have you let your mobile vehicle collect dust and dirt over time? We know exactly what it takes to bring the vehicle’s windows back to their freshest possible condition. Our team is extremely thorough and will leave your caravan looking good as new!








Along with serving as a professional window cleaner in Abergavenny, we are on hand to provide an extended domestic and commercial window cleaning service to maintain a perfectly sterile environment for your business in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. The Window Gleamers follow all guidelines regarding PPE and uphold the highest standards of hygiene throughout the entirety of each cleaning job for properties in Abergavenny. 



Where We Operate


We work within a 20-mile radius of Abergavenny, providing a fully insured and extremely professional service to homes and businesses in Abergavenny, Herefordshire, and Monmouthshire. If you require a window cleaner you can count on The Window Gleamers to produce an excellent service. 




Great Service

You can trust The Window Gleamers to supply a domestic window cleaner service that is punctual, detailed and professional from start to finish. We listen closely to the requirements of clients and do everything with a smile, always taking care to ensure that your needs are met. 


Quality Finish

By employing the latest water-fed pole technology we endeavour to achieve brilliant results. Our window cleaners in Abergavenny, Herefordshire and Monmouthshire guarantee a quality finish that you will be really pleased with. 


Local Business

We believe strongly in the relationship between local businesses and the community. Our mission is to ensure that every property in Abergavenny, Herefordshire and Monmouthshire has access to a window cleaner who completes domestic and commercial jobs to an exceptionally high standard.




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